I am feeling very energized right now. There are certain days when I wake up and I can barely get out of my bed. BUT today is a different day. What I have realized is that even though I may feel tired in the morning that tiredness does not dictate my mindset for my motivation. I have often thought that the way you feel in the morning is the way that your entire day will play out. I no longer have this philosophy. I got really sick of waking up and allowing the way that I feel to dictate my day.

I have an underactive thyroid and need to take medication on a daily basis to ensure that my TSH levels are balanced. This has allowed me to have an excuse to be tired and not motivated. I made a decision that I no longer will allow this to control my productivity. When I say productivity I am referring to anything that I do throughout the day.

My new way of thinking is allowing me to do things that I never before thought possible. My overall level of happiness, contentment, and satisfaction has increased dramatically and to be honest I feel like a new person. I understand that this is a very common situation for many. I know that I am not alone as I express this feeling of frustration. Our lives today are busier than ever before and essentially that busyness creates exhaustion. So, of course, I want you to benefit and take full advantage of these strategies that have made such a difference in my life almost overnight!

I wanted to share with you 5 ways that have helped me to attain more energy without taking any kind of supplement or stimulant. This is a matter of changing behaviors and outcomes.

These 5 behavior changes have enhanced my life personally and professionally and have helped me to thrive and experience the most out of every day.

1.) Wake up with an intention for everyday! 

Waking up with an intention helps you to have the clarity to initiate your day. Instead of waking up in a blur you will have a specific focus for your day making decisions easier, therefore giving you the opportunity to use your energy more effectively. What I like to do is plan out my week by sitting down at the beginning of the week (Sunday) and organize each day so that I have less to worry about throughout the week. I then also make it a point to place an intention for each day of the week. I wake up with a purpose in mind. If you are ready to roll in the morning with a motivated intent, the likelihood of you wanting to stay in bed will diminish. An example of an intention would be “aspiring to make two new business contacts that day.” You will be amazed at the feeling of excitement you get when you try this out! Give it a shot and see what happens*

2.) Concentrate on one thing at a time

You compromise your thoughts when you try to multitask. I no longer believe in multitasking. I used to try to accomplish most tasks by completing them along with another task. Rarely did I feel good about the results because I was spreading myself thin and not giving a full focus to any one thing, rather giving attention to everything all at once. It just doesn’t work. It never did and never will because our minds are not wired that way. I know it sounds crazy but the more you give attention to one thing at a time the more energy you will have because your mind will not be deviated and overwhelmed by everything else you are trying to achieve in that moment. Note: you must also finish the task to feel that sense of relief in order to move on to the next, unless of course, you are, for example, writing a book. Then you complete your goal for that chapter and you can move forward on to the next task at ease.

3.) Eliminate some of the decisions you make typically throughout the day.

One thing that really frustrates me is when I have to make too many decisions in too short a period of time. Let’s take Instagram for example because most people have an Instagram account. Every time you flip through the feed you are making a decision to read the content and look at the pictures. This is something we all do. It’s part of the social media craze. I want to incur reflect upon that. Ask yourself how much time you are spending flipping through it in deciding whether or not you are going to pay attention to each post. It consumes a lot of energy and time that you could potentially be spending doing something else. If you are going to look at Instagram I want to encourage you to focus on the areas of Interest and not to allow yourself to get consumed. The kind of “get in get out” philosophy. Also, consider what responsibilities can be outsourced for decision-making. Areas of your work that are a pain for you to do can cause energy drain, consider other options.

4.) Plan out your week and you have less stress, therefore, you have more energy!

If you don’t plan for the week you are ultimately setting yourself up for failure. Strategic planning is one of the key components to living a life of freedom. When I say freedom I am referring to having freedom from the busyness that’s consuming you every day. The fact is the world seems to get busier and busier all the time, therefore, requiring more energy. It is necessary to plan for success by adhering to a schedule that makes sense to your personal needs. When I work with many of my clients they are working around other people’s schedules instead of their own, which is a much more challenging daily routine. My advice to them is 2 make a schedule based on their own needs and not someone else’s and they will feel much more comfortable, confident and less stressed out.

5.) Give yourself “ME” time every day. 

I know sometimes it seems impossible to do this but it is essential to your personal well-being. Prayer and meditation have done wonders for me and even taking the time to go outside and pick some flowers or walking through a garden can completely invigorate you. Spending time in nature for me is essential to my soul. I now wake up every day between 5:00 A.M. and 5:30 A.M. and spend time on myself. I thought when I started doing this that I would be exhausted later in the day but to my surprise I actually feel as though I have just as much energy as I did when I slept until 6:30 A.M. so the difference is that I can have my whole day planned out and ready to go before my two little boys wake up, which are very busy I might add! After making the decision to wake up at this time I can’t even begin to tell you how much better my days have been because I am taking time for myself in the morning.

Words of encouragement to you:

Despite having a thyroid condition, running my own business, taking care of two little boys and a husband, keeping up the house and taking the time to go on my morning run, I am still able to have a life where I can feel like I am thriving. It is possible to wake up and take full advantage of every day. I can tell you I have never felt better about waking up as they say each morning I “rise and shine!”

*Remember that if you can change your mindset then you can change your life! 

Yours in Success,

Genesis Hey Krick Business Empowerment Coach, Author, and Speaker

Founder of www.genesisspeaks.com

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