There are a lot of things that we can look at in our lives and say that was a mistake or it should never have happened that way. We can pin ourselves to the wall with regret from past decisions. I have come to the conclusion that everything that happens to us is for a very blatant reason… and that reason is so that we can take what we learned and make a difference in the lives of others. Falling down hurts and getting back up can be very difficult but we always come out better because of it.

Growing up on 13 acres was one of the greatest gifts my parents could have given me. It gave my siblings and I the freedom to run around and explore, the excitement of learning about all the little critters that fly and scamper about, and a sense of appreciation for the God-given nature that surrounded us every day. I will never forget as a child when my dad took my training wheels off my little purple bike for the first time. He took me to the top of a neighboring hill on the road and because we lived in the country we didn’t have to worry about many cars passing us by. He asked if I was ready and I declined.

Isn’t this so true of many situations? We are at a crossroad waiting to seize the next opportunity and perhaps we are holding ourselves back because we are not willing to ride down the next hill. We could be actually riding down instead of riding up, in other words, the opportunity is knocking on our door and we are just too nervous to open it. After I declined my dad said I should just go for it because I am not ready now I might never be. He brought such a great point to the situation for he addressed many thoughts that we hold today regarding change.

We may be nervous about what the outcome could possibly be so we don’t take it on. We wait and wait for more opportunities and then life continues to pass us by. I considered my dad’s advice and decided that I was going to go for it. I buckled down, gripped the handlebars and was off! Faster and faster my bike headed down the hill, I grasped tighter and pulled my knees into the middle bar. No sooner had I done that but began to spin out of control. I heard a distant yell from my dad, “Put on the brakes!” But it was too late! I had completely lost control and the bike dumped over! He came running over and gave me a big hug through my massive tears. He said, “That was so great honey, You did it, You went for it!” He took his white shirt and wiped my bloody chin. I could barely stop crying and looked up at him smiling. He said, “Come on let’s do it again!” I couldn’t believe my ears! I thought how could I possibly do such a thing after a fall like that. He said, “I want you to end on a positive note.”

I felt as though I was being dragged off to military school and my life was about to end as we walked back up the hill to do it again. I said, “What if I fall again?” He said, “You won’t!” He looked at me and said, “You can do this Genesis!” Every nerve in my body started shaking and I stood there for a few seconds staring at the bottom of the hill imagining myself there wishing so much I was there instead of here. Then I felt a push and I was off. Never had I focused so hard on a goal! Straight to the bottom of the hill, here I come. My long brown hair flew behind me blowing in the wind as I picked up speed. Faster and faster I went and then it occurred to me halfway down, I can do this! My mindset started to change and then all of the sudden I wasn’t scared anymore. I am doing it I am almost there, I thought. And then within a few seconds, my bike slowed to the very bottom and I realized… I made it, I was still alive! My dad was right behind me and said, “I knew you could do it!” He followed me down the hill the whole way without me realizing it.

From then on I looked at life a little bit different. I could have decided to give up after my first try at the hill but something inside of me told me to try again. It was almost a now or never kind of thing to set the tone for the rest of my life. In making that decision to get up and give it a go one more time, my dad helped me to realize that we can always try again. Since then I have fallen many times, some literal, some not but never have I decided to throw in the towel. I know that for me, giving up would be the end of a dream, a life not worth living and settling for mediocrity. At a young age, I knew I didn’t want to feel like I gave up on myself so I tried again and succeeded. We don’t always succeed on the second time or even the third but the mere fact that we are willing to try again says everything. Having some sweat, blood and tears always make for the best story!

Genesis Hey – Krick is a business empowerment coach, author and trainer. She provides motivational talks to inspire individuals to follow their dreams and goals. She loves Jesus and immensely enjoys taking care of her 3 boys, including her hubby. She is a positive quote junkie!

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