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When what you’re looking for is a speaker, trainer or coach with heart. With passion. With the strategies and skills to help you and your organization grow, thrive and take your success to an exponential level – then you’re right where you need to be. And Genesis Hey is exactly the right person to call.

Relatable. Inspiring. Life-changing. Motivating. Book Genesis as your next speaker and get all of that and more!
Strategic steps. Plans of action. The next level path for your business. Book Genesis to train your team straight to the top.
To get from good to great, or from great to extraordinary? You need a guide to light the path and fuel the focus. Call Genesis to be that guide!
Genesis lights up the airways with powerful content, insights and strategies for success!


genesis-circleGenesis Hey brings a passionate voice to the strategies, solutions, and mindsets that set organizations apart from their competition. As a speaker, trainer or coach – she knows what it takes to both motivate teams – and give them the skills they need to work at their highest potential, and find vital life balance.

Need to unify your team? Ramp up sales? Improve the customer experience? Deliver problem-solving solutions? Take your leadership to the next level? Call Genesis today to learn how she can help you do all of these things and more.

In today’s world? Every single member of your team needs to hone leadership skills to create an unbeatable momentum and allow your organization to rise to the top of your market and stay there. Genesis empowers your team to embrace change, fuel momentum, create cohesive teams and skyrocket your organizations potential. Learn more.
Sales is lifeblood of most organizations and keeping productivity high and morale charged can be a challenge. With high energy and real-world tools, Genesis teaches teams to drive sales production through the roof, all while Learn more.
The truth is? Change isn’t easy for most people. They resist it, fight against it, and overthink it. When you can help them get past those instincts and embrace the opportunity, creativity, and success that can come with change? Everyone wins. Genesis has the answers to leveraging change for all it’s worth.

“The right combination of enthusiasm, mindset, passion and strategy delivers the kind of momentum that can make you UNSTOPPABLE.”

– Genesis Hey-Krick


From top management leaders to the front desk, to the sales and service professionals on the phone or on the road – Genesis helps bring entire teams together to create a synergy and spark that ignites exponential growth. She inspires. Energizes. Teaches. And gives people the tools they need to make the most of today’s busy, hyper-connected worlds. Her goal? Her dream is to empower individuals around the world to feel confident, cared for, and inspired to bring their very best to the world around them.

Ready to move YOUR team or organization into exponential growth and powerful, positive change? Contact Genesis today.

Sparkle and Shine
On with Christ

In Sparkle and Shine on with Christ, you’ll find a daily devotional that is the perfect inspiration to fuel each day with scripture, faith and joy. Crafted from the personal stories of Genesis Hey’s spiritual journey, read the powerful footsteps she took which ultimately led her to Christ. In sharing her journey to faith, she hopes to bring light into your life, and fuel it with a deepened understanding of the Holy Spirit and a renewed faith and conviction. It’s moving. Healing. And will change the way you start your day.



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