About Genesis


Genesis Hey Krick has been involved in the personal growth and development industry for a long time and she prides herself on helping individuals create successful lives through “time focus” and “prioritizing strategies”. She thrives on helping others achieve a balance of their personal and professional life and is diligent about encouraging busy working professionals to share their gift/message with the world. She is the mother of three beautiful kids, two boys and a girl and is married to a supportive husband. She has attained an undergrad in Marketing and Masters in Organizational Leadership. She has experience speaking to countless organizations providing motivational speaking engagements. She loves to speak to people’s hearts, especially women. She is a certified life and career coach and has worked across the spectrum with a focus on career development and setting life goals for her clients. She works one-on-one with individuals helping them to get clarity, create goals, strategic plans and time management skills. She also provides group coaching to her clients. She has written three books: Unleash Your Potential, Hey do you need Exposure, and Shine On which is a 60-day devotional. She has also been a part of another collaboration project on a book called full-time mom. Genesis has a Facebook group called shine on women, which provides daily inspiration, business tips and uplifting messages. She has a podcast called shine on women that airs every Wednesday at 12.

Master Motivator. Entrepreneur. Speaker.

Life Coach. Radio Host. Force for CHANGE.

When what your organization needs is to re-fuel the PASSION.  Re-center the GOALS. And Re-AFFIRM the solid paths to SUCCESS… The Motivational Speaker and Coach to call is Genesis Hey. She infuses every event with powerful, timely, momentum-producing energy and a perfect-timing message that audiences stand up and take action from.  If that sounds like what you’d like from your next team or leadership event, contact Genesis today.

Genesis Hey M.A. is Certified Life and Career Coach and has her undergrad in Marketing and Master’s in Organizational Leadership. She is a national speaker, author of three books, Hey Do You Need Exposure? – geared toward helping businesses effectively sell themselves online through video marketing; Unleash Your Potential, a book inspiring young adults to lead successful lives through action planning and living their purpose; and Sparkle and Shine on with Christ, which is a 60-Day Devotional.

Genesis provides successful team building workshops and loves to work with all levels of management. Her passion is to empower individuals around the world to feel confident, strong and successful.

Ready to move YOUR team or organization into exponential growth and powerful, positive change?  Contact Genesis today.


With spunk and humor, innovation and direction, Genesis Hey compels audience to expand their thinking and redefine their goals. She helps them unlock the strategies and tools they need to move beyond old habits, old mindsets and old methods and move into the lives and careers they’ve always dreamed of.  She can do the same for your audience!

Genesis Hey’s Most Requested Keynotes

Magnetic and Influential ­​Leadership

In today’s world? Every single member of your team needs to hone leadership skills to create an unbeatable momentum and allow your organization to rise to the top of your market and stay there. In this powerful session your team will learn how to:

  • Become a one-minute rocket coach for any team member
  • Master the art of “time focus”
  • Manager vs. Leader – learn which category better describes your style
  • Learn to challenge the status quo by relating to all personality types
  • Help others become stars overnight with 3 exceptional leadership tactics

Ready to lead the way in your field, with your clients, and power past your competition?  Book Genesis today.

Unleash Your Potential ­

The truth is?  Change isn’t easy for most people.  They resist it, fight against it, and overthink it.  When you can help them get past those instincts and embrace the opportunity, creativity, and success that can come with change?  Everyone wins.  In this timely topic, your team will learn how to:

  • Thrive like a true change agent in any environment
  • Master five new change tricks for adapting quickly and effectively
  • Breakthrough stagnation and create change even when it seems impossible
  • Excel with the secret steps of evolution success
  • Shift their thinking through multi­level platforms

Make adapting to change a turn-to strategy rather than a fearful experience for your team and watch your production and profitability soar! Call Genesis today to learn more.

Powerhouse ​Sales

Sales is lifeblood of most organizations and keeping productivity high and morale charged is a challenge for a lot of people.  With high energy and real-world tools, Genesis will teach your team how to:

  • Master the right words to swiftly handle even tough objections
  • Become an artist at your trade
  • Deploy authentic, solid, powerful sales strategies designed for long term success
  • Understand the concept of being completely SOLD on your product/service
  • Become the “Aha” for sealing the deal

There’s no better time to give your sales team the boost they need to size up the competition and breeze past them than now.  Set the bar high, and give them the tools to surpass it by calling Genesis today to book her for your next sales rally or event.

The Connection Code of Building Relationships ­ ​

What sets some organizations far and apart from their competitors?  The level of cohesiveness and cooperation amongst their team members.  In this engaging and eye-opening session, Genesis will teach your team how to:

  • Enhance their success by getting comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • Boost productivity with three tips that work like magic
  • Stimulate your group using three game-changing relationship building techniques
  • Develop crystal clear goal setting to catapult your team members to new levels of success
  • Become a fire starter and help team members to create quick paced results for effective collaboration

Give your team all the fuel they need to create a culture of creativity, cooperation, and growth that will take your organization further than you ever thought possible.  Call Genesis today, your team will thank you for it!

High Heel Success ­ ​

Empowering the women in your organization to step up and into their full potential is easy with this fun, exciting, and engaging session they won’t soon forget!  In it, Genesis will team them how to:

  • Understand the Genesis of success by refreshing, renewing and revitalizing their minds
  • Transition a mediocre plan of action into a vision of excellence
  • Astound clients with strong and powerful body language gestures
  • Communicate with poise and sophistication – five techniques to more effectively communicate
  • Acquire energizing strategies that keep women going throughout the day
  • Nurture their own productivity and resilience

This amazing session is perfect for delivering the kind of empowerment and energy that can fuel positive, momentum-building change in your organization.  Contact Genesis today to learn how.

All keynotes and training sessions are customizable. Give Genesis a call today to learn how she can